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  • Provides Professional Engineering Services at a Great
    Value with services provided in the Twin Cities and
    surrounding area and all of Northwestern Wisconsin.
    CAD_Speed-Up provides the CSWA to Wisconsin's first
    Certified SolidWorks Associate Provider, WITC-New Richmond!

    "Do what is right and good"

    CAD_Speed-Up, LLC has created AutoCAD applications for the following:

    • CAD_Speed-Up TAPS and HOLES application. Creates top, right, bottom, left or round views of tap, clearance, countersunk, or counter bored holes, works in English or metric drawings, and creates #10 to 1" or M4 to M25 features, PLUS a hole and tap callout application to automate and insure consistent annotation on manufacturing prints!

    • Foreign Language translation of prints. Uses an existing in-house database that you build with increased use, and substitutes foreign phrases for your English text phrases, so you never have to type in a foreign language. This is a two part program. First part strips the English phrases from the drawing, where they are translated off site by a translation house of your choice. The translation files are then loaded into your database, and the second part of the program will make the substitution.

    • Batch printing. Print to any printer on your network, even if overseas! Imagine, issuing a full print set for that latest machine at a branch office in Singapore!

    • Bill of material calculator, based on blocked components in your drawing.

    • Block manipulation tools, to create, edit and otherwise maintain blocks easier than you have ever been able to in the past.

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