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    CAD_Speed-Up provides the CSWA to Wisconsin's first
    Certified SolidWorks Associate Provider, WITC-New Richmond!

    "Do what is right and good"

    CAD_Speed-Up, LLC offers "Power Search" for greater searching versatility and unmatched speed!!

      Ever been dissatisfied with the item search capability in SysPro? Need to search on multiple text strings? Have you had to search over and over again to find the order of the words/data bits in the description/long description fields? Have you noticed that search results can be painfully slow with the default search engine? Would more freedom in searching by multiple text strings make finding your valuable data easier? A better search tool for SysPro can address these needs!

      'Power Search' is designed to improve the search capability offered within SysPro. Power Search offers multiple string searches within specified fields, lightning fast results, configurable settings to search the desired field within SysPro's InvMaster table, and 'Cut-and-Paste' capability from the search results window into the documents of your choice.

    • Search on up to three strings "ANDed", "ORed" with up to two more sets of triple "ANDed" strings within the Description/Long Description fields!
    • Search on up to two strings "ANDed", "ORed" with another pair of "ANDed" strings in a field of your choice!
    • Search on Stock Code sting.
    • Search on another configuration specific field sting.
    • All at the same time!

      Image below is of the newly introduced "Power Search" tool. Available as a stand alone tool, or bundled with SysProWorks™

      Contact CAD_Speed-Up to request "Power Search" or "SysProWorks™" with Power Search at your location.

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