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    CAD_Speed-Up provides the CSWA to Wisconsin's first
    Certified SolidWorks Associate Provider, WITC-New Richmond!

    "Do what is right and good"

    CAD_Speed-Up, LLC can customize your SolidWorks Hole Wizard database for better documentation and more consistent manufacturing:

    • Trim out less desirable features that are less standard.

    • Update existing standards that don't allow for head clearance on standard bolts, as is the case when SolidWorks comes out of the box.

    • Create a standard for the rarer but needed hole features your company needs and uses every once in a while.

    • Hole Callout Format file to match your company needs, and to work with any created standards used at your company.

    • Other changes, maintenance and enhancements you desire to see implemented in the Hole Wizard features.

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