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  • Provides Professional Engineering Services at a Great
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    CAD_Speed-Up provides the CSWA to Wisconsin's first
    Certified SolidWorks Associate Provider, WITC-New Richmond!

    "Do what is right and good"

    CAD_Speed-Up, LLC can provide VBA's and macros and other associated SolidWorks data for the following:

    • Working in Simplified Configurations of Part and Assembly files.

    • Batch printing.

    • Populating Custom Property fields.

    • Assigning random colors to Parts at the Part level.

    • Custom Programming of your choice. You create the Macro/VBA outline, listing inputs and their source, and anticipated outputs and final results, and CAD_Speed-Up will write the application!

    • Enhanced Keyboard Shortcut key assignments, with reference sheet to help users become familiar with all shortcut assignments.

    • Bill of Material Table, Hole Table, and General Table templates.

    • SolidWorks Part, Assembly and Drawing Templates to your specifications.

    • Contact us and ask about any custom SolidWorks programming that could make your company work quicker and more accurately.

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