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Wisconsin's first P.E., CSWA, CSWA Provider and CSWP!
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  • Provides Professional Engineering Services at a Great
    Value with services provided in the Twin Cities and
    surrounding area and all of Northwestern Wisconsin.
    CAD_Speed-Up provides the CSWA to Wisconsin's first
    Certified SolidWorks Associate Provider, WITC-New Richmond!

    When you find your mechanical design group temporarily understaffed, CAD_Speed-Up can help.
    For data conversion projects that don't fit into your schedule, CAD_Speed-Up can help.
    If those nagging repetitive CAD tasks keep begging to be automated, CAD_Speed-Up can help.
    To meet those in-house CAD training needs in AutoCAD or SolidWorks, CAD_Speed-Up can help.

    Outsourcing a project for contract to CAD_Speed-Up is an excellent way to complete your current work load without having to worry about extra permanent staff next month! CAD_Speed-Up will work to prepare a job for your design group, by converting data formats; ease the overburdened design group by handling a project from concept to the point of production quality mechanical prints and full bill of materials; clean up a project after completion based on redlined production prints that need to be used to update and revise part prints; even software automation for your mechanical design CAD package where you provide custom specifications or a general outline of the end product. We have advanced users of SolidWorks and AutoCAD, and experience on many other systems as well.

    Whether conceptual mechanical engineering, to creating working models to creating manufacturing quality drawings, to productivity enhancing tools for your design group, using CAD_Speed-Up is a great solution to meeting your customer's expectations!

    "Do what is right and good"

    CAD_Speed-Up, LLC is a single point resource for your engineering needs including:

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